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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just another dream

"Sometimes in our lives,
we feel alone and left behind..
Even known faces seem to be different,
and we wish, we could turn blind...
we pray to God to send an angel,
an angel who can bless us with grace....
take away all our sorrows,
and bring that smile back on face.

O baby, you ve been that angel in my life,
things seem to be going better, since I have you by my side...
we've shared secrets, been to places we had never been,
I hope this is reality, and not Just Another Dream.......

That warmth in your hug,
and passion in your kiss...
Just being in ur presence,
gives me tremendous bliss....
Everything seems so beautiful,
as if, my dream is coming true...
Darling, just stay with me forever,
Trust me, I can do anything for you....

O baby, this has been the happiest phase of my life,
your love and care, is all that i need to survive...
But damn, my vision getting blurred now,
please dont take me back, I aint too keen,
well, as usual, nothing was real, IT WAS JUST ANOTHER DREAM........."

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