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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Devil's Facade

Wrote this when i was probably being ruled by the Devil...I was thinking of a situation where in a girl gets lost...she is looking for help, going door to door..With so many p%&%^ around, no one opens the door....finally as she is about to give up, she knocks on a door and someone does answer, alas, this is what the reply is from inside...

"This is what I ve been waiting for,
another prey at my door,
its not reality,stupid girl dint realize,
she is thinking exactly what I want her to fantasize,

things look beautiful, calm and perfect,
this aint no heaven,
even a drop of water would be hard to get,

from outside people look friendly, gentle and caring,
but in order to survive,
she will have to be bold and daring,

she thinks money has no value here, isn't it hard to believe?..'s just dat things arent transparent,
but everyone's got a lot up their sleeves...

yes, there are no classes, their are no castes,
it's hatred and jealousy, which has kept them apart,
girls arent safe here, they don have no rights,
poor have been thrown into oblivion, ignored and deprived

time to reveal the truth, hope you arent scared,
don worry my child, you'll be pampered and cared,
i aint no messenger of god, this aint a dream anymore,
I AM THE DEVIL and this is my hell,
Come inside my child, I ve opened the door"

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