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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yeh Kaisa Mard hai?

Hue paida jis kokh se,
karte uski na kadar,
leke dil mein haiwaniyat,
failate gandagi dar badar,
dekh ke badalti inki fitrat,
aata zehan mein yeh sawaal,
yeh kaisa mard hai,
jo deta sirf dard hai????

izzat dena gaye yeh bhool,
badalte roz inke usool,
zulm dena hua na band,
na toote kabhi inka ghamand,
dekh ke inke khaufnaak iraade,
aata zehan mein yeh sawaal,
yeh kaisa mard hai,
jo deta sirf dard hai????

na uthai aawaaz darindagi ke khilaaf,
kaisi insaniyat, kaisa insaaf,
na khaulta ab inka khoon,
sar pe bas, mardaanagi ka junoon,
dekh ke inki chupi namardaangi,
aata zehan mein yeh sawaal,
yeh kaisa mard hai,
jo deta sirf dard hai????

abhi bhi hai mujhe ye aas,
ki hoga inko jaldi ehsaas,
na chalti duniya sirf inke dum par,
ai besharam mard, kuch toh sharam kar,
dekh ke inki besharmi,
aata zehan mein yeh sawaal,
yeh kaisa mard hai,
jo deta sirf dard hai????

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Writer's Block

Its a block, a passe,
like staring at an empty wine glass,
stale thoughts around,
inspiration, nowhere to be found,
stuck in a routine,
sipping on Jim Bean,
trying to shake my brain,
as life continues to be sucked
out through the drain,
numbness taking over,
words not coming out,
world looks simplified,
where are the doubts?
There used to be a time,
head filled with thoughts galore,
and now I wonder,
why can't I write anymore?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

No Doubt

The time has come,
to set things straight,
in comes the light,
darkness out through the gate,
today I set myself free,
from the shackles of diplomacy,
forthright and crystal clear,
no hypocrisy,
they don't fear no bombs or god,
they are scared of truth,
lies, deception and darkness,
one big moral loot,
however, let me clear it out,
today i won't throw a punch or shoot a gun,
I'd rather let my words shout,
Because I know when I speak out,
I'll leave no doubt.....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Shadows Around

Night is dark, cool breeze flowing,
thoughts galore, beneath blue moon glowing,
step by step, walking towards nowhere,
pain in my heart, sorrow filling the air,
asking myself, where I went wrong,
no one to go to, nowhere to belong,
to fill this emptiness, I scream out loud,
silence is what I get, and I just see shadows around.........

Tired and dejected, I start walking back,
following my own footsteps, on that same old track,
night after night, this story repeats itself,
misplaced hope and expectations, lying on my shelf,
I say to myself, this won't happen again,
lessons have been learned, no more pain,
these thoughts make me smile, as joy surrounds,
but happiness only real when shared,
and all i have are just a few shadows around!!!!!!

I miss you!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Empty Sky

Here it comes again,
like a wild freight train,
making me think hard,
catching me off guard,
exposing reality,
bringing clarity,
giving me a choice,
without much poise,
the time has come,
it has to be done,
all the time I sought,
made me lose the plot,
no more delay,
I wont be running away,
this has to end,
as this will never mend,
and I hope it ends soon,
all I got was an empty sky,
after trying to catch the moon.....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Last Smoke

Green, yellow, red and white,
this ain't no rainbow soldier, sit upright.
games are over, fun is gone,
we are talking serious stuff here,
you might not get to see the dawn.
Remember your gods, your friends and folks,
coz when this gets over,
all that will be left is smoke.....

You might have come here because you had no choice,
or because you saw guns and planes as toys,
sisters, brothers, mother and father,
you miss them more, as things get harder.
As the moment comes nearer,
your feelings run amok,
stop thinking as there's no turning back,
pick up a ciggy, and have you last smoke...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I will move on

Seems it's been forever,
stuck in the same place,
same old bullshit,
don't see no grace,
taking a new stand everyday,
next day it comes crashing down,
stupid world laughs at me,
i ain't no fuckin clown,

used to make my own moves,
now i just feel like a stupid pawn,
not going to give up,
one day I will move on...

Makin you feel special,
day and night,
just say those words once,
shine and make my life bright,
hope is a good thing,
it's one thing that I've learned,
just a fucking illusion,
have already gotten my fingers burned,

like you, I have a right to be happy too,
I'm just waiting for a new dawn,
just wait and watch,
one day I will move on........

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rebel without a cause

I wont agree, even if you are right,
I look for darkness, when its all so bright,
always looking for questions, even if things are straight,
fine u have your life sorted out, so what, nothing great
you can call me a prick if you want,
if you want me to pretend, I'm sorry I can't,
if you are not questioning things around you, you are at loss,
I'am proud to be a rebel, I am just struggling to find a cause...

I can't be diplomatic, can not play with the words,
it makes me feel suffocated, prefer living free as a bird,
but when you try living your life by your own rules,
this world pulls you down, makes you look like a fool,
you can act cool and as strong as you want,
in the end, you only get pain and taunts,
So when I try to change, things go for a toss,
I'm not sure what's the point of being a rebel,
when I don't even have a cause.....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drunk thoughts

I'll steal a brick from your puzzle,
and make mine complete,
was feeling so suffocated,
 and now I can breathe.

Crash into me,
fill in the gap,
you taught me how to dodge,
and avoid this trap.

Straight from the heaven,
here cometh the angel,
what seemed to be so trivial,
now seem to be fatal.

Left and right,
straight ahead and back,
no dearth of feelings and emotions,
its the brains that i feel i lack.

You couldn't stay without me,
to each other we belonged,
we compensated for each other's weakness,
and you made me feel so strong.

Look how quickly things change,
promises and commitments lose their worth,
though those memories still make me smile,
I still have a lot to unearth.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Start Dreaming

Dreams, I'm a dreamer you see,
you don't have to beg, borrow or steal,
you can dream for free...
What you have in your head, bring it to your heart,
before you think of the finish,
you have to make a start...
In this race of life, you can't afford to be slow,
what has left you won't come back,
like an arrow from the bow...
As the time passes by, you are losing your worth,
nothing seems to matter now,
death or birth...
So before it is too late, you better make a move,
start dreaming ,
and get out of the groove.........