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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rebel without a cause

I wont agree, even if you are right,
I look for darkness, when its all so bright,
always looking for questions, even if things are straight,
fine u have your life sorted out, so what, nothing great
you can call me a prick if you want,
if you want me to pretend, I'm sorry I can't,
if you are not questioning things around you, you are at loss,
I'am proud to be a rebel, I am just struggling to find a cause...

I can't be diplomatic, can not play with the words,
it makes me feel suffocated, prefer living free as a bird,
but when you try living your life by your own rules,
this world pulls you down, makes you look like a fool,
you can act cool and as strong as you want,
in the end, you only get pain and taunts,
So when I try to change, things go for a toss,
I'm not sure what's the point of being a rebel,
when I don't even have a cause.....

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