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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drunk thoughts

I'll steal a brick from your puzzle,
and make mine complete,
was feeling so suffocated,
 and now I can breathe.

Crash into me,
fill in the gap,
you taught me how to dodge,
and avoid this trap.

Straight from the heaven,
here cometh the angel,
what seemed to be so trivial,
now seem to be fatal.

Left and right,
straight ahead and back,
no dearth of feelings and emotions,
its the brains that i feel i lack.

You couldn't stay without me,
to each other we belonged,
we compensated for each other's weakness,
and you made me feel so strong.

Look how quickly things change,
promises and commitments lose their worth,
though those memories still make me smile,
I still have a lot to unearth.

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