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Saturday, November 19, 2011

I will move on

Seems it's been forever,
stuck in the same place,
same old bullshit,
don't see no grace,
taking a new stand everyday,
next day it comes crashing down,
stupid world laughs at me,
i ain't no fuckin clown,

used to make my own moves,
now i just feel like a stupid pawn,
not going to give up,
one day I will move on...

Makin you feel special,
day and night,
just say those words once,
shine and make my life bright,
hope is a good thing,
it's one thing that I've learned,
just a fucking illusion,
have already gotten my fingers burned,

like you, I have a right to be happy too,
I'm just waiting for a new dawn,
just wait and watch,
one day I will move on........

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