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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Shadows Around

Night is dark, cool breeze flowing,
thoughts galore, beneath blue moon glowing,
step by step, walking towards nowhere,
pain in my heart, sorrow filling the air,
asking myself, where I went wrong,
no one to go to, nowhere to belong,
to fill this emptiness, I scream out loud,
silence is what I get, and I just see shadows around.........

Tired and dejected, I start walking back,
following my own footsteps, on that same old track,
night after night, this story repeats itself,
misplaced hope and expectations, lying on my shelf,
I say to myself, this won't happen again,
lessons have been learned, no more pain,
these thoughts make me smile, as joy surrounds,
but happiness only real when shared,
and all i have are just a few shadows around!!!!!!

I miss you!!!!!!!!

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