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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hate you Bitch

This is what my first break up did to me 6 years back..:D....

You,ve given me agony,

you've given me pain,

look what I've become now,

I'm going fucking insane...

those long phone talks,

 those 'I Love You's,

a short term committment,

was all that I wanted from you....

you said I'm too kiddish,

and I need to grow up,

accepting your partner the way he is,

I think this is what is called love??....

I dont have no problem,

you can leave me if you wish,

But wait...before you leave, listen, "I HATE YOU BITCH"....

I cared for you, I said sorry when i wasnt wrong,

I thought I found my someone special, to you my everythng belonged...

those sweet future talks, those kisses on phone,

and look wat I'm left with, only sadness and groans..
you treated me like shit, said i dont have any attitude,

I dint say a word, even though i was always subdued...

But now, all those feelings are gone,

and for me, you are just a zilch,

LEAVE me and get outta my life, "I HATE YOU BITCH".......

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